Our advocates’ experiences, ideas, thoughts, observations, and opinions…on the record.

The Definition of an Advocate

Introduction In combination with my personal life experiences and my law school experience, I created my own personal definition of an advocate. In my perspective, to be an advocate is of course a legal one. We all have different opinions of what an advocate may be....

The Best Witness is a Prepared Witness

Introduction Often during Mock Trial Competitions, the main focus for areas of growth is based on in-court performances such as opening statements or examinations. However, there are many detailed areas of trial advocacy that can be focused on to elevate performance...

‘Fake it Till you Make It’

Introduction During tough times, or when we are under a lot of stress, we all lean on mantras or aphorisms to keep ourselves going. One of my favorites is “fake it till you make it.” Statements such as those are meant to remind us of our values and bring us a sense of...

Studying Abroad at Oxford: The Building Blocks

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to travel to England and participate in the Study Abroad Program at the University of Oxford through Stetson Law. This program was a two-week intensive course focused specifically on trial advocacy. At the start of the course, we...

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